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The Washington Heights

Sterrett Emerson Groves is a young lawyer at a reputable Washington D.C. law firm.
With a less than desirable work ethic, he relies on boldness, improvisation and sometimes drink to make it through his day successfully.
His boss, Vincent Jorrigo bets the law associate’s swagger will be of use to him. It proves a costly gamble as Jorrigo wrestles with his own perilous demons.
Dinah Solatoff, with her cool, Western style, turns Sterrett’s head, yet misunderstands the boy’s way of looking at things. Tired of her life as a legal secretary, she snubs him for an unlikely romance with a national politician, while Sterrett seeks out beautiful and ambitious attorney Anne Marie Smith for answers. In the background, looms a comical waste management project that means big bucks for all involved.
The Washington Heights is a story of restless youth and a decision to be made, to pursue love or settle for riches. It’s also a satire of the micro-culture in the U.S. capital where contrasting agendas, lobbying and legal shenanigans are the specials of the day.
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About the Author

The author, Paul J. Hammond, is a native Washingtonian, born at George Washington University Hospital on Washington Circle. He attended Anthony Hyde Elementary School, St. Albans School, and Kenyon College, where he graduated with honors. He has worked variously as a trade consultant, a real estate developer, and an R/T officer on a cruise ship. He is married to Alessandra Bosa of Merano and spends his time between Italy and the USA, writing and guiding scuba divers round the rocks to see the bright barracuda.