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The Three Ravens

Well-known, politically charged people around the country are turning up dead. They all have two things in common: they are each despised by the American Right, and they all have the same gruesome message pinned to their dead bodies.
As the mystery grows, a tragic scene unfolds in a Michigan forest elevating awareness of the situation to the highest levels of government.
When a terror arises, when it is so menacing and imminent that stopping it supersedes the law itself, there is a clandestine team with the requisite skills which must be engaged. Only the president can call on them.
They are the Three Ravens.
When these three men are assembled to do a job, it means something awful is happening, the worst of the worst. It means the unthinkable is at your doorstep.
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About the Author

Ed Kirwan is a father of four children and proudly hails from the streets and playgrounds of “The” Bronx, New York. He spent more than two decades working in the financial services industry for various Wall Street firms before building his own company.

He is a life-long devotee of the stage, with a particularly predilection for European and American tragedy, and the author of the play, Dying Twice; a play of death and life in mysterious ways.