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The Smugglers and Madame Gin Sling

Sophie Smith, known on the streets of Asia as Madame Gin Sling, made her fortune in casinos and prostitution. Reformed and married to retired Army Special Forces Colonel Pete Smith, Sophie had moved to safer pastures in California only to be slowly drawn back into the dark world she left behind. Threatened by a Mexican drug lord, the Smiths are forced to take swift action. Calling in their stalwart team of ex-military friends, they engage in a complex plot to overtake the drug dealer on his own turf. Sophie can’t seem to leave the life behind and ultimately gets drawn back into the world of gambling; promising her family it will only be just one more deal. Risking the safety of her husband and family, she becomes entwined in Las Vegas and the infectious lure only money can create. When a friend is murdered, a perilous hunt for the killers ensues. The chase leads them to the French Riviera, The Azores and across the Atlantic. The bad guys miscalculated one sure thing – the beautiful and seductive Sophie manages to always get what she wants.
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About the Author

Jay Alt grew up in Connecticut. He graduated from United States International University with a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature in June of 1971. He attended Western State University, College of law, graduating in June of 1975. Jay was admitted to the California bar Association shortly thereafter.

After practicing law for five years, Jay decided to pursue a career in aviation. He worked as a flight engineer for UPS, and then subsequently moved to a major airline in May of 1987. Jay and his wife of forty-five years divide their time between Virginia and the island of Bequia in the southern Caribbean.