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The Colonel and Madame Gin Sling

During an Asian tour after retiring from the army as a Colonel, Pete Smith arrives in Macau. Known as the gambling capital of the world, visitors can become immersed in this sin city. With over-the-top shopping, hotels, nightlife and casinos, a man with money can lose himself. The Colonel soon meets Madame Gin Sling, operator of over two hundred bordellos, connections to organized crime and a shady past. Her secrets are buried deep but her connection to the Colonel is almost predestined. As Gin Sling’s past continues to haunt her, the colonel is compelled to call on his military instincts and Special Forces training. Together they encounter Asian drug lords, Arab terrorists and government agents looking for unofficial solutions to webs of international crime. The Colonel and Madame Gin Sling is an unexpected love story and a fun adventure ride.
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About the Author

Jay Alt grew up in Connecticut. He graduated from United States International University with a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature in June of 1971. He attended Western State University, College of law, graduating in June of 1975. Jay was admitted to the California bar Association shortly thereafter.

After practicing law for five years, Jay decided to pursue a career in aviation. He worked as a flight engineer for UPS, and then subsequently moved to a major airline in May of 1987. Jay and his wife of forty-five years divide their time between Virginia and the island of Bequia in the southern Caribbean.