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The Agony Continues

The Agony Continues: Michelangelo’s Search for Art in 20th Century NYC
St. Peter grants Michelangelo a vacation request, allowing him to travel to the twentieth century to view art. Not only does Michelangelo want to see what artists have been creating after his death but he also desires confirmation that his own work is remembered.
As Michelangelo roams about New York City he meets a variety of people who attempt to help him make sense of modern sculpture, painting and architecture.
Michelangelo compares everything he sees to specific works he created throughout his life. He finally meets Vinnie, a tough city boy, who agrees to help with his journey.
Trying to convince contemporary society what ‘real art’ is becomes infuriating as Michelangelo holds amusing discussions about enlarged, abstract geometric shapes, gigantic statues rising out of the river, graffiti, tattoos, and more which he vehemently contends cannot be art.
His conversations reflect his historical interactions with political figures who commissioned art, his family and other noteworthy artists.
Time is running out as St. Peter has allowed Michelangelo to spend only three weeks in the twentieth century. Michelangelo’s frustration mounts as he struggles to comprehend the modern world and educate people on the art of the past.
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About the Author

Michele A. Fabiano was born and raised in New Jersey. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Art History from Rutgers University and master’s degree in Art History from The City College of New York.

Michele has taught art history courses at the City College of New York, The University of North Alabama, Brookdale Community College in New Jersey, and Ocean County Community College in central New Jersey.

Her writing experience includes, work as a free-lance writer and photographer for Riverview’s and Neighbor’s Magazine. She authored the college textbook, From Cubs to Lions Your Guide to Success at the University of North Alabama (Harcourt Brace).

Michele resides in New Jersey with her husband Joe, and two dogs.