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Nana the Elephant

This story was inspired by a true event of animal heroism, in 2003, when 11 elephants rescued a herd of antelope that were held in a boma, within the Thula Thula game reserve in Africa. The elephant that led the real-life rescue is, indeed, named “Nana,” and she skillfully unlatched the gate of the enclosure to release the antelope.
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Audra Janeczek was born and raised in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania and spent a portion of her career in the Washington, DC metro area. AJ’s original career path was in graphic design, where she became first acquainted with Adobe Illustrator. After working in graphic design for several years, web development became a new interest and AJ completed two masters degrees: a Masters in Web Development and another in Interactive Multimedia, both at The George Washington University. AJ was immediately drawn towards database driven web application development, and has worked in that field for over fifteen years. AJ’s love of databases allowed her to also earn a degree in data and systems analysis from The University of Oxford in England. AJ is energized by solving business problems though developing custom applications. She realized that the convergence of the two career paths is not unusual, since artistic creativity and problem-solving skills are related to one another. AJ also collaborates with other techies and entrepreneurs to create startup application products.