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For This Little Time

James Gregory III wasn’t always homeless. His early, happier years were spent in an Irish neighborhood with his Latino single mother Maria and the two thrived with the support of the Hennessey family.
As Maria’s choices lead to a series of ill-fated circumstances, the two find themselves living with Maria’s parents in their tiny apartment. Depression and drugs take hold of the family and Jimmy carries his burdens silently, until one day he can carry them no more.
For This Little Time speaks to social issues of our time; homelessness, drug addiction, mental illness, immigration and class structures, and the challenges of the American dream.
Ultimately it is about how we deal with the ups and downs of real life, and how events and the people close to us influence our thinking and our futures.
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Susan Barry opens up to Katie Couric about her son’s battle with anorexia – a battle that ended up taking his life. Hear her talk about her nine-year nightmare and find what she’s doing to prevent it from happening to other parents.