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Deep Strike

Three CIA agents are incensed by evidence they’ve uncovered of Russia’s hacking the U.S. election. Infuriated by the refusal of the new president to even acknowledge that the hacking took place, and outraged that America’s intelligence agencies and colossal military power should now be under the command of that same feckless leader, they decide to act on their own.

They go rogue, take on the President and all his vast powers, and attempt to drive him from office.

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“Barry Lando¹s electric story of a nation at risk crackles off the page with the energy and currency of the morning headlines.
– Jim Bittermann, CNN Senior Correspondent Paris
“Today’s startling news stories transformed into a thrilling fictional read. Loved it!”
– Ali Velshi , Anchor MSNBC
“Anyone who was appalled by Donald Trump’s election should read this novel.”
– Lara Marlowe, The Irish Times
“If you thought fiction could not compete with political reality–think again.”
– Timothy Ryback, Journalist, Historian “Hitler’s First Victims”

About the Author

Barry Image 2The author of numerous articles on international affairs, he produced a documentary about Saddam Hussein that has been shown around the world. He has also written a nonfiction book on Iraq, Web of Deceit: The History of Western Complicity in Iraq, from Churchill to Kennedy to George W. Bush. That was followed by his first novel, The Watchman’s File, about the attempts of an American investigative reporter to uncover Israel’s most closely-guarded secret. (It is not the bomb.) Originally from Vancouver Canada, Lando is a graduate of both Harvard and Columbia University. He is married, has three children, and currently lives in London, England. You can follow his writing and other projects at http://barrymlando.com
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