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Death in Saigon

In 1967 during the war in Vietnam, disillusioned free-lance journalist Adam Berg tries to change his life by going to work for an American military deserter. He enters a world of prostitution, drugs and a serial killer of young women on the loose in Saigon.
Berg befriends a wily Vietnamese detective who is tracking the killer and seeks the journalist’s help to find him. Falling in love with a prostitute, Berg becomes addicted to opium, using it to help him escape his new reality.
Berg and his detective friend hunt the killer pursuing justice. The result is a dramatic, powerful and surprising climax in a novel filled with many aspects of life in Vietnam during the war.
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About the Author

Ron Steinman was with NBC News for 35 years. He was a writer on the Huntley Brinkley show before going to Saigon as bureau chief in 1966. He served as South East Asia bureau chief based in Hong Kong and then London bureau chief during the “Troubles” in Northern Ireland. He was Washington producer for Today Show and he had other senior positions on Today, Early Today and in the news division, often covering politics.